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Guest management

Guest management

The services and service packages offered by Car Experience cover all types of events and each individual step associated with participant management: from transmission of personalised invitations to participants of an exclusive gala, through RFID-based access control to conferences and workshops and the payment system at a public event to GPS tracking of test drives by an automotive company. Some of the individual services build on each other and can be used in combination: the right solution for any type of event ensuring uncomplicated participant management in advance and on site.

Internet-based participant management offers many functions, such as basic registrations or comprehensive queries on travel planning, catering or programme selection. Participants can register on a website which is usually password-protected. The organiser retains a permanently updated overview of registrations as they occur.
For smaller events with up to 300 participants, we use a simple template for participant registration. Participants will be asked to answer some simple questions in a clearly-structured design.

The solution also permits transmission of digital invitations and reminders, feedback via an Internet database and password-protected retrieval of the registration status at any time.

The Full Customized Service of Car Experience is a participant registration tool which can be entirely adapted to the own requirements and the own corporate design. Particularly suitable for detailed queries while remaining self-explanatory and convenient for users.

Thanks to the Event Management System offered by Car Experience, selected individual solutions merge to form a comprehensive full-service solution depending on the respective requirements of the event and customer.